About me

Hi my name is Paul Williams and I live in Bridgetown, Dulverton . I moved to the South West in 2008 from the Midlands where I was born.

I lived in Devon for 9 years before crossing the border to Somerset in 2017. Sticks have been an important part of me since my scouting days when we were taught to make hiking staffs and woodcraft to make camps. That’s continued and making sticks for myself started to grow when friends and work colleagues asked if I would make one for them, eventually there are too many to just keep!

I am a member of both the British Stickmaker’s Guild  and a past member the Mid Devon Crafts Guild both of whom allow entrance based on the crafters ability to produce work of high quality. I am a past member of the Mid Devon Crafts Guild – which still exisits but I now live in Somerset.

I don’t show my sticks in competitions – I make them the way I and my  customers like them, and as usable walking sticks. I sell my sticks and my other work through word of mouth and recommendations from satisfied customers- to whom I give my heartfelt thanks. You may find me at Craft Fairs across the South West but always available via email or the website.


There are always some ‘bits’ left over or things that are being discarded that I can find a use for and make other wooden items – some are featured in pictures on the site.

I also get asked to make things family and friends have seen somewhere and photograph! Not all these are from rustic wood but it makes a nice change to make a bath shelf or a spice rack to fit a specific place. Those goodies I share on Facebook rather than the stick site. Give me a call if you want to discuss a specific iten you would like.


  1. Heather Adcock · December 11

    Are these available to buy
    I drove past your workshop and looked you up.


    • st99015207 · May 9

      I am so sorry for my abysmal lack of timely reply ! So hugely embarrassed and the only excuse is that I had no idea this future was available!
      I do sell sticks and have some premade ready to go others I make as they are ordered ( usually in about 2 – 3 weeks)
      Thank you for your contact. I am available at artisanstickman@gmail.com if required


  2. I am enquiring if you may be available for demonstration and showing your sticks at the Dunster country Fair. We feature several crafts on our village Green and am looking for a craftsman with sticks etc. Wednesday 28th July 2021


    • st99015207 · May 9

      Hi Jennifer Thomas – thank you for your contact.Sorry I will not be able to assist this year; maybe next year ?


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