Below are examples of my work.

This is NOT A SALES PAGE as most of these pieces have been sold. It is intended to indicate the type of stick and work I can produce. I can accept commissions to make an item that is based on the gallery but because of the nature of wood, antlers and horns I cannot make an exact replica – it will be similar but not identical.

Commission from AH in Cornwall for a crop whip onto which to attach a bullwhip extension for a working item

buffalo thumbstick – I made two of these for two separate fathers from their respective sons;

Progression of a Sabbath Stick – a disguised golf club used on a Sunday in defiance of the Church rules of no golf on Sundays – a commission for a lucky husband from his wife Pauline

25/10/2021 progression of a rams horn crook for Peter North Devon. It was a broken shaft with a rotting peg joint and had some age to it and of course some inherent flaws. It was dismantled , the flaws exposed and opened to cement with epoxy before reshaping to the original contours. About 4 hours of hand polishing. as an old horn I purposely left some of the ‘flaws’ and discoloured areas as part of the character of the horn.

21/9/2021 Progression of a black rams horn with a cap on th open end similar to a market stick – this is because despite being beautifully coloured horn there was simple not enough workable length, hence my opting to use the cap.

26/9/2021 Progression of a rams horn crook

02/09/2021 Progression of a cow horn Hiker to include a sentimental wedding cufflink in a resin cap for Mr S.O’C Limerick – that’s the county crest on the cufflink

03/21 commission stick using a reversed mounted double tine antler – the owner wanted it to be able to hang on a fence etc. if she had to clean up after her dogs. capped in buffalo and mounted on hazel

commission stick from straight indian rosewood to a Derby style cane handle

01/21 Progression of a commission stick – reversed first tine antler on a hazel shaft with an engraved brass collar that has a family crest on it – now living in the US a gift to a father from a son.-

12/20 above a cow horn hiker progression – the caps are boiled flattened and epoxy cemented to the horn prior to finishing;

below a spalted hiker top progression

06/21 pair of crutch tops for JK’s father’s birthday – what lucky dad eh

Progression of a commission stick for Alan 2021

Progression of a thumbtack fro Chris 2021 – insert of buffalo horn on the face where I have to grind out a small undeveloped tine.Last picture Chris took on its inaugural outing on Exmoor half an hour after he collected it